Noelle at Six Months — Dublin Ohio Baby Portraits

Little Noelle was here a little while ago for her latest portraits! She’s quite the cutie, isn’t she? As usual, we’ll start with her preview slideshow and then move on to some bigger images.

Noelle in the White Chair -- Dublin Baby Portrait

Noelle in the White Chair

Noelle Laughing -- Central Ohio Baby Picture

Noelle Laughing

Propped Up

Propped Up

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Alina at One Year — Dublin Ohio 12-month Portraits

With this post we’ve come to the end of a long line of “Baby’s First Year” images. Alina is now a year old. We’ve photographed her three older brothers from their newborn pictures until their one-year portraits (and further, too!). Alina is such a sweetie and so beautiful. We never got to see her big smile, but there were traces of it in a few of these.

Enjoy this slideshow and see some bigger photos below it.

We started with Alina with her bunch of balloons.

Alina and Balloons -- Dublin Ohio 12 mont portraits

Birthday Balloons!

Then we put a hairband on her.
Alina's Big Hair Bow -- Central OH One-Year Portrait

Alina’s Big Hair Bow

I love this one with Alina playing with beads:
Playing With Beads -- Dublin, OH

Playing With Beads

And then for the tea party!
Tea Party with Tiny the bear -- Dublin Ohio 12-month pictures

Tea Party with Tiny, the Bear

By this time Alina was done, so we stopped. The first year of Alina’s life sure went by quickly!

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Grace’s Newborn Portraits

This one’s from a couple months ago! In fact, we just did Grace’s 3-month portraits, and you’ll see them up here in a little while. I seem to have gotten a little behind with the blog posting. :) Anyway, these are from her newborn session and she was such a doll.

First we’ll show you some images and then later on will be her slideshow. I love her giggling smile in this first one.

Cute Smile -- Dublin, OH Newborn Portrait

Cute Smile

She was trying so hard to pull her head up.
I Can Do It -- Central Ohio Infant

I Can Do It

Being a newborn she fell asleep a few times.
Grace Asleep -- Newborn Photo

Grace Asleep

Then we did some closeups.
Grace's Cute Face -- Dublin Ohio Newborn

Grace’s Cute Face

I really like this one of her belly-button.
Belly Button -- Central Ohio Infant Portraiture

Belly Button

And now for the slideshow:

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Siddartha — Hilliard Darby HS Class of 2014

This post first appeared first on Columbus Senior Portraits by Squier Photography.

Siddartha was in the studio a little while ago and we’re just finally getting his blog post done. This will be the last post for 2013!

First off we’ll show you a slideshow with some favorites.

Here are a few of his images:

Siddartha -- Hilliard Darby Class of 2013


Siddartha by the Fence -- Central Ohio Senior Portrait

Siddartha by the Fence

Leaning on the Bridge -- Dublin, OH

Leaning on the Bridge

By the Cabin -- Hilliard, Ohio Senior Portrait

By the Cabin

Siddartha in Indian Clothes -- Dublin Ohio Senior Picture

Siddartha in Indian Clothes

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Lachlan and Beckett at 11 Months

Twins are always fun. Always a little tricky but fun. Lachlan and Beckett are almost a year old, now, but this was their nine-month session. It’s hard to explain, but it works. ;-)

First, here’s the slideshow:

And now for a few bigger images. It’s always a little harder to get them both looking at the same time.

Lachlan and Beckett -- Central Ohio Baby Twins

Lachlan and Beckett

Sometimes the best one is when they’re not looking!

Lachlan and Beckett in the Tub -- Dublin Ohio

Lachlan and Beckett in the Tub

We haven’t had the tea cups out for a while — they barely fit in them!

Lachlan in a Tea Cup -- Dublin, OH baby portrait

Lachlan in a Tea Cup

Beckett in a Tea Cup -- Central Ohio Baby Picture

Beckett in a Tea Cup

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